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May You Always


Publisher: Passion in Print

December 2013

E Book ISBN #:

Genre: Contemporary/Interracial

Format: E-book


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Sometimes we know the most when we are young.

Holt Powers loved the Christmas holiday. When the Snowflake Auction brought back into his life the woman he’d decided in kindergarten he was going to marry, he knew this was his turn to not let her get away.

Karma Whitfield had been bamboozled by her sister to come back north. She hates cold and hates Christmas, so what is she doing in the snow covered land? Being purchased for charity.

Reunited with Holt, they have forty-eight hours to decide if what sparks between them is real or just passion.

Content below is not suitable if under 18.


“You want to do what?”

Karma stood on the sidewalk and glared up at the man holding her purchases. Holt stared at her, the falling snow dotting his dark hair and black coat. Handles of her bags held in the smooth black supple leather of his gloves.

“Ice skating. The play isn’t until tonight which gives us all day.” His smile warmed her despite the chill of the early morning. “Or would you like to be indoors?”

“Of course I would, it’s fucking cold out here.”

He shook his head, amusement on his face. “Trust me, Karma. It will be fun.”

She doubted it. The last time she had been on skates, she’d lived and attended school in this city. Holt began for his SUV and she trailed him, waiting for him to put the bags into the back. As the hatch lowered, he turned toward her. He reached out and grabbed the ends of her metallic lavender multihued scarf. With a tug, he drew her close.

“Skating. You and me. It will be fun and if you do it without complaining, I’ll give you the gift I got you.”

“Are you bribing me?”

“Absolutely!” He winked. “And if you must know, it’s shiny.”

One of her favorite words. Shiny. “What is it?”

His grin was pure sin. “Skate first.”

“Fine. Let’s go,” she said with a false huff. “But when I freeze…”

“I will make it my personal mission to thaw you out and warm you up.”


Copyright © Aliyah Burke, 2013.

All Rights Reserved.


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