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With this Ring


Twisted E Publishing

September 2014

ISBN #:  B00N95UZ9E

Genre: Contemporary

Denim & Spurs ~ Book 1

Format: E-book


A man whose wedding day was destroyed by betrayal meets a woman from his past who begins to renew his belief in true love and with her in his life, he may be willing to try that step once again.

Rancher Dustin Kane is working on turning his cattle ranch, the Diamond J, into a strictly cutting one. After calling off his wedding on the day of, he meets a woman who is looking for a bracelet. She’s different and he can’t recall her but she claims they’ve met before. By the time she leaves him, he’s more intrigued and wants to see her again.

Samantha ‘Finn’ Finley had returned to Branchwater, Texas for the sole purpose of helping out her injured father. Running into the man she’s loved since high school was never part of the plan. She soon discovers that what may be her plans may just be working in their own way.

The days pass with her seeing quite a bit of him as she works on his ranch, doing his farrier work. Even after she’s done there, he keeps coming around and they grow closer. When it comes time for her to leave, will Dustin be able to let her return to her life on the East Coast or will he do all he can to get her to come back to where she belongs, home…with him?

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Polar Opposites


Totally Bound

July  2014

ISBN #:  9781784300432

Genre: Contemporary

In Aeternum ~ Book 4

Format: E-book & Print


Despite differences and difficulties, love is always capable of finding a way to take root and bloom.

Ivan Vinokourov wasn’t sure he'd ever get over losing the love of his life to another man. However, after he's kidnapped, the woman sent to rescue him stirs emotions he’d believed were gone forever.

Bailey Hyde is an assassin for Theta Corps—that’s what she does, so she doesn’t understand why she’s being sent in for a retrieval. The man she’s tasked with rescuing is different, and she finds herself attracted to him. He’s a scientist, not the type she usually goes after still, he intrigues her.

Despite her misgivings about being involved with someone she’s rescued, they begin a relationship. He’s amazing yet they continue to butt heads over her work. When her past is revealed, Bailey isn’t sure of anything anymore, even Ivan. Can what they have withstand that they are polar opposites? Or are they destined to go back to being alone?

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Raw Exposure


Sensual Romance Publishing

February 2014

ISBN: 9781310823756
Genre: Contemporary
Format: E-book

A wealthy playboy and a down-to-earth freelance photographer, will they ever see eye to eye?

Reeve Leighton is a man who’s never worried about money in his life. It’s gotten him everything he could wish for. Until he crosses paths with Affrica O’Shea. Unlike any woman before he can’t charm her with his wealth, she doesn’t care how much he has.

Affrica O’Shea loves her job as a freelance photographer. She meets amazing people and travels the world. When she meets Reeve he turns her world upside down, why does this man affect her and make her think about forever?

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August 8, 2014 ~

Polar Opposites - released by Totally Bound. 

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July 6, 2014 ~

Raw Exposure - released by Sensual Romance Publishing.  Buy E-Book


June 13, 2014 ~

Chasing the Storm - released by Totally Bound.  Buy E-Book & Buy Trade Paperback


May16, 2014 ~

Keeper of the Stars - Part 5 - released by Totally Bound. Buy E-Book


May 2, 2014 ~

Keeper of the Stars - Part 4 - released by Totally Bound. Buy E-Book


April 18, 2014 ~

Keeper of the Stars - Part 3 - released by Totally Bound. Buy E-Book


April 4, 2014 ~

Keeper of the Stars - Part 2 - released by Totally Bound. Buy E-Book


March 21, 2014 ~

Keeper of the Stars - Part 1 - released by Totally Bound. Buy E-Book


March 14, 2014 ~

Preconception - released by Totally Bound. Buy E-Book |Buy Trade Paperback


February 26, 2014 ~

A Love for Lera - released by Sensual Romance Publishing. Buy E-Book |Buy Trade Paperback

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