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Alone With You


Totally Bound Series:

January 2014

ISBN #: 9781781849323

Genre: Contemporary

Interludes ~ Book 2

Format: E-book & Trade Paperback



A construction worker and a security expert tangle beneath the heated skies of San Antonio.

Pierce “Tuck” Carter has been in love with his neighbour across the hall pretty much since she moved in over there. They’re good friends and do many things together but he wants to take it to the next level. Friends with benefits for starters then beyond.

Ariel Greene is secretly crushing on her neighbour. One night after drinking she wakes the next morning in his bed and flees. Had she just crossed a line they couldn’t recover from?

Tuck pursues her wanting more however one of his ex’s, each of their jobs and his intense dislike of her putting herself in danger, doesn’t make the road an easy one. Will Ariel and Tuck learn to work it all out before something else happens or will it take the near loss of one to make the other realise what had almost been lost forever?

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His Purrfect Mate



Sensual Romance Publishing  
June 2013
ISBN #: 9781301562893
Print ISBN-13: 978-0615827551
Genre: Paranormal
Format: E-book & Trade Paperback

Dane Sidorov needs a break and time to heal. What he doesn’t need is a cute little and most definitely sexy distraction named, Aida Roberts. Or the emotions meeting her stirred up within him. But this dark-skinned vixen didn’t seem to realize what she had done to him, or what she means to his soul.

Aida Roberts loves her life in South Africa. She has met all kinds of people, some who need help and some who don’t, but all interesting. When she runs into the larger-than-life Dane Sidorov, she wondered if he didn’t actually need help despite his portrayal calm and confidence.

There was something wild and untamed about him as he stared at her with his amazing eyes. A feeling of “safety” and “danger” emanated from him. Would this unusual man be able to let her in, or would his secret drive them further apart? When the darkness threatens, will Dane sacrifice himself or allow her to help save him? Can he accept the fact she is nothing less than…

His Purrfect Mate

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McKingley - Vol. 3


Co-written with McKenna Jeffries

Totally Bound

January 2014

ISBN #: 9781781847190

Genre: Contemporary

Series: McKingley ~ includes Book 5 & 6

Format: Trade Paperback



Irresistible Forces

Book five in the McKingley series.

When desire flows over it makes two head-strong people realize they are powerless under the onslaught of pleasure.

Leonardo Wright has been fighting his attraction to the sexy diva that gets under his skin like no other woman. Deyon is one woman who he can’t seem to resist. She is a family friend but he wants to take their relationship to another level. But he wants to do so on his terms…however when dealing with Deyon, she plays by her own rules and her passionate nature will not let him do as he wants. Take it slow and easy and build something lasting. Leo gives in and holds on for a journey that will bring him the one thing he wants more than all else – Deyon’s heart.

Deyon De’clare is not prepared to wait for any man to make a decision for her. Leo wants to be involved with her…and he thinks it will be the way he wants it. He is very wrong. Whatever they have will be by both their terms – a mutual meeting of minds, body and souls. At least that is the plan if she can get the stubborn sheriff to understand that she is not a woman who does anything unless she wants too. And she does want Leonardo Wright more than she ever expected. But when one is playing with matters of the heart you have to give in to those irresistible forces.


Seductions Dance

Book six in the McKingley series.

An unlikely pair comes together and realised that their expectations of each other leads to an intense passion that will enhance them both.

Dimitri Wright doesn’t plan to become part of the epidemic of marriage that has befallen his siblings. He knows meeting a woman who is blunt and straightforward that could possibly change his mind was unlikely...at least until the most fascinating woman crosses his path. She is everything he thought he wanted but he realized it has him on edge not knowing what Shannon is thinking or feeling. The contained woman has gotten under his skin and he doesn’t even know what to do about it. She keeps her thoughts to herself and each move seems to be hers but he can’t seem to walk away. He wants
Shannon and will use whatever he can to have her.

Shannon Conner values quite, her time alone and doesn’t want anyone to encroach on her. But Dimitri isn’t like any other man she has met. She doesn’t get emotional or act the way that is considered typical and it usually makes people uncomfortable. Yet Dimitri understands her and makes her feel things she never expected. She’s not about to get drawn in by him to be just another woman. Shannon will be herself and if Dimitri wants all that she is then she’ll be willing to take part in a seductions dance.

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February 1, 2014 ~

Alone With You - released by Totally Bound. Buy in E-Boo and Trade Paperback.


January 31, 2014 ~


McKingley - Vol. 3-  released by Totally Bound. Buy in Print.

January 20, 2014 ~

If you Dare released by Sensual Romance Publishing. Buy in E-Book.


January 31, 2014 ~


Protected By Shadows - released by Totally Bound. Buy in Print.

December 27, 2013 ~


Seductions Dance - released by Totally Bound. Buy in E-Book.
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